“Only in few places in the world, like here at the Sabbiosa, vines with their original pre-phylloxera roots have been saved, enabling us to taste the pure and ancient flavour of European grapes.”

All our vineyards are organic certified, planted in sandy soil and pre-phylloxera. The oldest vines  are goblet or spur-trained, while  a percentage of the younger vines are trained along trellises.

Time-honoured methods, such as treating the vines with  sulphur and copper, fertilising with manure and faba beans, weeding by hand,  and green manure, are still employed. Not  forgetting modern and sustainable practices of organic farming, such as integrated pest management. This is how the true flavour of this ancient vine finds its way into the glass.

Harvesting, which is strictly manual, takes place in the second half of September. Indeed, thanks to the cool mistral extremely high temperatures are never reached in the vineyards and the grapes take longer to ripen  to perfection.